Welcome to An Examined Life. Occassionally I delude myself into thinking that I understand some part of my life (or life in general) and I thought it might be a hoot to share those thoughts with whomever happens to stumble across this. I hope you find something enjoyable here. If I'm really lucky, I'll make you stop and think for a moment.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Aftermath 3 Post Script

Do people write post scripts to blogs? Well, I'm going to. I meant to include this in the last entry, but as commonly happens, the words took on a life of their own as I wrote and went in a different direction.

One other simile: the loss of Jonathan is – in the truest sense of the phrase – a living nightmare, a horror from which I cannot awaken. When the knowledge of Jonathan’s death – no, knowledge is not the right word. I am constantly aware of his loss. What I mean is a sense of the enormity of it, the rending of the heart, the endlessness of the desert, the eternity with a hole in my spirit where a beloved son should be, the anguish of a promising life unfulfilled – when that strikes it does so with the same visceral shock that breaks you out of a nightmare, only there’s no waking from this…

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